Q and A with Aubrey

What is your nickname?
Aubs. And using it automatically initiates you to my ‘inner circle’.

First thing you do every single morning?
Self affirmations and journaling. (I wish!) I check email from my iPhone. And then trick myself into getting up and not hitting snooze by promising myself a nap later.

One word you live by every day?
F*&% the system. Wait, that’s 3 words… Adventure.

Your favorite pose?
Handstand. When I was first learning to balance in it I used to practice everywhere, every opportunity, including my yoga teacher’s kitchen (while dinner was in progress) which concerned her at the time.

What you love about teaching?
Intimate human contact, meaning, substance. (What was lacking the most in my previous career, advertising.)

If I wasn’t a yoga teacher I would be?
Food/wine, travel or film critic.

Admit one thing you want to grow about yourself?
Patience. I’m like Veruca Salt (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and want everything NOW.

Greatest strength?
Adaptability. You can throw me from a train and wherever I land I’ll find a community.

What makes you laugh?
My parents are British, so dry humor. And my boyfriend, best friend and mother – the most side-splitting funniest people I know.

Favorite time of day?
Breakfast, lunch, nap-time and dinner. And cocktail hour. I’m like a cave-woman; my life revolves around eating, drinking and sleeping.

Favorite way to sweat?
Vinyasa Yoga, which literally means ‘to place myself/oneself in a special way’. And worrying about revealing too much on my website.

Most thankful for?
My parents.

What is one HUGE goal that you have?
To start a family one day. Terrifying, but necessary (to me).

Always in your purse?
12 varieties of lip gloss. My mom had to have an intervention with me.

Greatest indulgence?
Keeping a car in NYC. You have to be able to quickly escape this city to really appreciate it.

What’s your sign?
Virgo (the virgin).

Who is your celebrity crush?
David Duchovny. I recently spotted him working out at an Equinox and almost fell down the staircase on my way to teach class.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Which one?? If I have to choose, glazed donuts. Growing up, I was rarely allowed to eat ‘junk food’. But after church on Sunday mornings my mom would ‘reward’ me by letting me have one (or even two!) donuts. So they became an addiction of my formative years… Now I’m like Pavlov’s dog and crave donuts when I think about church – awkward.

Favorite trip…ever?
9-months of scuba diving and teaching yoga in Koh Samui, Thailand (a.k.a., paradise). Solo.