Yogataveller, Gozo, Malta – 11th April 2009

With Kylie Twible and Janna Blizeeva:

IMG_0723Traveling around the world alone teaching yoga in a variety of exotic locations (some more remote than others) certainly has its perks! But it can also be a little lonely at times – even after doing lots of ‘I am happy being alone’ matras. So it’s such a treat when my students also become my friends, which happens most of the time because our Yogatravellers are so cool!
Hanging with Kylie and Janna this week was an example of this. We shared special times together both inside and outside of the yoga studio. I continuously feel so lucky to be surrounded by successful, independent, open-minded and spiritual people with my work.

The beginning of the week started out blustery and cool, but then the sun came out just in time for a stunning boat trip to Comino island…

We even met up with a couple fellow yoginis traveling on the island, who joined us for a fabulous dinner at Il Panzier in Victoria one evening.

Play-time (don’t do this at home). A familiar view.

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