Yogataveller, Gozo, Malta – 15th August 2009

If you’ve ever met someone who is fairly serious about their yoga practice (or maybe you’ve been fortunate enough to meet a group of people who are), you might have noticed there’s something different about them… (if you’re reading this, maybe you’re one of ‘them’ yourself.) You can pick these people out of a crowd not by how they look, but by how they carry themselves, physically and spiritually. There’s an enigmatic element to yoga that can’t be explained in words, but can be picked up by your intuitive antennas. If you can get this part, the physical part will come much easier….

This week’s group brought together lots of new faces, friends and perspectives. I enjoy hearing about all of them. One of the most exciting parts of life (at least according to me), is hearing other people’s stories – if you’re lucky enough to meet the kind of people who are willing to share them with you. Fortunately, yoga teachers get to hear a lot of interesting things.
Practicing yoga with a big group of people is always exciting because you get to ride off the room’s energy (and create your own).
There’s nothing more beautiful than hearing a room consciously breathing together, or seeing everyone in a different expression of the same yoga pose…sunset

Thanks to my late summer posse for continuing to make this work so fulfilling and for your personal contributions.  And that’s a wrap!

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