Aubrey practices and teaches a hands-on, heat-building, flowing Vinyasa style yoga combined with healthy alignment and therapeutic instruction, yoga philosophy and humor. She has taught at many gyms and yoga studios in New York City (including David Barton Gym, Exhale and New York Yoga) and currently teaches group classes at Equinox. Over the years Aubrey’s specialty has shifted towards private yoga instruction (teaching on average 20 classes per week) where she thrives in the special growth that occurs in a one-on-one student/teacher exchange. She believes that to be an excellent teacher you must always be an evolving student (and client!), so Aubrey makes time each week to see her own private (and group) yoga instructors, personal trainer and massage therapist, to keep it all fresh. Aubrey was born in Connecticut to British parents and has lived and worked all over the world, teaching yoga retreats in Malta, the Swiss Alps and Thailand.  After graduating from Boston University’s College of Communications she worked as a marketing executive in New York City before leaving to pursue her true passions:  travel, fitness and yoga. She studies with internationally renowned yoga instructor, Mitchel Bleier and his partner, Tracy Bleier of Yogapata in Wilton, Connecticut with whom she completed both her Level 1 and Advanced Teacher Training courses (through Yoga Alliance). Aubrey appears in Mitchel Bleier’s ‘Yo-Fi’ yoga DVD-series, is a scuba dive master, a stand-up paddle (SUP) yoga enthusiast and teacher, a Cross-Fit fanatic and has published travel articles. She was (like many yoga teachers) an ambassador for Lululemon Athletica in 2012. Aubrey currently lives and works in New York City and The Hamptons and travels as much as possible.